Back in May Australian duo Midnight Pool Party released their highly anticipated second ep MOTIONS which set dancefloors ablaze all around the world with its infectious disco/dance/funk sounds, and this week the boys are coming back to us with even more heat with the release of MOTIONS REMIXED.

Midnight Pool Party have teamed up with Dugong Jr (AUS), Anoraak (France), LEFTI (NYC), Charlie Crown (Miami) and Bohkeh (LA), having each them rework one track off the MOTIONS EP each, giving their chosen track a little touch of their own signature flavour and taking MOTIONS into a whole new world of electronic music.

“We were deconstructing the MOTIONS tracks while working on our live set recently and we started hearing them in a different light. We began thinking of ways that we could re-invent them, and we thought it would be interesting, and really cool, to have other producers put their spin on our tracks – we certainly weren’t disappointed

We’re so excited about these remixes, they are all unique and showcase each of the remixers talents and its very interesting to hear something we constructed from the ground up in a different landscape.” – Midnight Pool Party 

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