Melbourne duo Dual Manner are back at it with the release of their new single ‘Away’, which brings forth an impressive atmospheric soundscape full of ambiance.

Melding the worlds of organic and electronic instrumentation, ‘Away’ has an array of depth within the mix courtesy of the buzzing bass, bright guitars injecting flavour throughout and those carefree vocals that breeze right through. With the Melbourne themed music video that showcases a couple exploring the nightlife of the city, Dual Manner have seized every opportunity in this release.

‘When writing away we were trying to convey the feeling of wanting to get out of the rut you are in and find some happiness either with other people or within yourself. The original version of away was a lot more understated being very stripped back and the vocal performance being a lot more subdued but over the writing performances, it has taken on a lot more life but still keeping that charm from the original edit.’ – Dual Manner

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