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Chase Murphy strips back with old-school EP ‘Long Winters’

With hip hop becoming more filtered and overproduced by the day, Chase Murphy takes a step back and debuts his ‘Long Winters’ EP, a refreshingly stripped back approach to his latest body of work. The EP recalls old-school sounds of boom-bap as the Boston rapper drifts on the timeless production. Teaming up with Icelandic producer Fríó, the pair cultivate an intuitive sound that compliments Murphy’s immaculate flow . With a textured soundscape and several focal points on live instrumentation, Murphy creates a clear musical narrative for the listener.

Evident in the lyricism, ‘Long Winters’ documents Murphy’s trials and endeavors, discussing his highs and lows. Not one to dwell on the gravity of this project, Murphy tops off the EP work with a playful cover. ‘Interview’ is the best summary of Murphy’s compositional strengths. The lo-fi track plays off of Murphy’s lighthearted verses and highlights Fríó’s ability to create a distinctive alternative hip hop sound.

Stream: Golden Boy
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