British producer/DJ’s Black Saint come forth with an enticing array of electronic/club/pop offerings with their latest EP ‘Everybody Wants You’ which engages you instantly.

Led off by the focus track ‘Everybody Wants You’, Black Saint showcase their production skillset through driving drums full of life, gripping bass lines and colourful synths which electrify the soundscape immensely. Featuring vocals from the likes of Sam FischerRuthAnne and BRIETBlack Saint meld these individually captivating offerings with absolute ease amongst the energised audio accompanying.

“With this EP it really gives us a chance to let the listener into our house. Having the opportunity to release 3 tracks from our new EP allows us to display all our flavours so you get a real understanding of who we are and where we are going with this sound. With Tracks like ‘Naked’ we’ve gone back to the cross-genre vibe, like with our first single ‘Could You Love Me’, and on this track it’s the first time we have performed, so it’s 100% us” – Black Saint

Stream: Warner Music
Artist Connect: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Soundcloud

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