Strip away all the glam that’s a perfect life, perfect marriage, and a perfect house in the hills, and you’re left with Ashe’s refreshingly chill-pop ‘Moral of the Story: Chapter 2.’  A follow up to Chapter 1 from four months prior, Ashe sings from the heart in songs like ‘Not How It’s Supposed to Go,’ deconstructing pieces of her own life so the rest of us can learn from her mistakes.  It’s a harmonious, sweet reminder that it’s better to be at peace with yourself than chase a life you only think you want.

With a little groove and a whole lot of honesty, Ashe takes on the role of singer-songwriter in its full form, inviting listeners in on songs like ‘In Disguise’ with pieces of real advice: “I’d rather be hated for who I am / than waste it all giving a damn.”  It’s the kind of music you want with you at 6 am, coffee in hand, staring out the window while the sun comes up – but even that paints too perfect of a picture for the reality of ‘Cold in California’ or the lingering, lonely final note she sings on ‘Immature.’  

Ashe’s storytelling shines through over quiet piano melodies and classic guitar parts, delivering her more vulnerable thoughts in both her voice and lyrics.  This EP is pretty, but it’s also poetic – its contents are sprinkled with similes and metaphors that are a testament to classic songwriting and Ashe’s ability to really open up.  ‘Moral of the Story: Chapter 2’ might be the end of an era, but it’s the start of something new for Ashe’s future music  – something that we’re really excited to stick around for. 

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