Toronto producer Zanski (aka Tom Probizanski) delivers one of the smoothest pieces of electro/R&B that you’ll hear this year with his newest single ‘Smoke In My Lungs’ – a track that oozes charisma with its silkiness.

With booming bass and hypnotic drums capturing all your senses instantly, ‘Smoke In My Lungs’ achieves high levels of swagger with its quirky approach both vocally and in its instrumentation – particularly the charismatic guitar riffs that flirtatiously tease away. 

“‘Smoke In My Lungs’ is predominantly about anxiety. It’s a flowing narrative about how things build up, and how trying to shift your mental state to escapism doesn’t work; always resulting in a cathartic explosion of emotional distress. It’s paralleled with lyrics about smoke and immobility to give it a woozy and surreal vibe” – Zanski

Stream: CloudKid
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