It’s been nearly two years since the debut album ‘Revival’ entered our hearts, and now in 2019 Brisbane’s Vancouver Sleep Clinic brings forth news of an upcoming sophomore album ‘Onwards To Zion’ in October as well as the first tease of what’s to come in the acoustically driven new single ‘Bad Dream’.

‘Bad Dream’ maintains a restraint in its approach, with minimal instrumentation at first that allows the raspy vocals to take centre stage and drive the narrative. Vancouver Sleep Clinic showcases some welcomed acoustic guitars that add a nice touch of colour to the piece, blending beautifully with the haunting melodies and brooding drums to entice our ears that little bit further.

Accompanying the new single is the enthralling music video, the first in a multi-part visual series. Directed by Max Galassi, the video takes place at a sleep clinic whilst showcasing some stunning landscapes that appear in the dreams of Tim Bettison (aka Vancouver Sleep Clinic). With brilliant utilisation of contrasting colour between the darkness of the sleep clinic and the light of the mountain surrounds, this music video serves as the perfect partner in crime to the stunning audio.

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