Recently we partnered with ReverbNation for a competition to find a new emerging artist for Acid Stag to shine a little light on. We received over 900 submissions across various genres from all around the world, and today we’re excited to share our top pick with you. 
Skeleton Ocean is a fairly new producer from Denver Colorado, and ‘Swim’ is the name of his latest release. He’s teamed up with one of his hometown buddies Botanik to create this impressive electro/hip-hop treat with lush fluidic harmonies and pulsing daydreamy beats – I reckon we should all keep a close eye on these two!
We also asked Skeleton Ocean a few questions….
Did you have any expectations of winning this ReverbNation competition with Acid Stag? 
No. I had no expectations. I just do my best to get my music out there through any outlet possible. 
What are your 3 favourite things about ReverbNation?
I love that I can use ReverbNation for opportunities that normally wouldn’t be available to me. It has really benefited me with my start of this new project. I would say my favorite thing about ReverbNation is the crowd review. It has really helped me knowing that people enjoy the song before I release it or play it live.
How did your project “Skeleton Ocean” begin?
I grew up in San Diego where I learned guitar from my cousin. He gave my first guitar at 8 years old and I couldn’t put it down. I have always been around music and that definitely has helped shape my path. I moved to Denver about 5 years ago. After being involved in different projects over the years I decided to start a solo project that is now Skeleton Ocean. I truly feel I am at a point now where everything is coming together as far as my songwriting and production goes. I am really just super excited to put out more music. 
Loving this new single ‘Swim’ – can you give us some insight into what it’s about and what it means to you?
I really think the song can be taken in different ways. It’s mostly touching on the concept of wanting something so bad that you are willing to do anything to have it. I think we all have desires we can’t control.
What can we expect from “Skeleton Ocean” over the next 12 months?
I have three singles and a music video that I will be releasing throughout the next few months. I plan on playing some shows this summer and getting started on my debut album. You can expect plenty of releases and features from me this year!

Artist Connect:
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