After providing us with the catchy and addictive collaboration with Banoffee titled ‘Shut You Up’ late last year, Australian artist Chela is back in 2019 with another synth driven release named ‘Losing Belief’ which is out now on Goldroom & R.A.C.’s new label Minerva Music.

With an eccentric display of synth manipulation, whether that be the enforcing synth bass or the lively arpeggiation, ‘Losing Belief’ provides a sensation that you’re travelling into outer space with its atmospheric feeling created in the soundscape.

The accompanying music video, directed/choreographed/starring Chela herself, was shot in one day in her hometown of Perth and truly showcases the lively and wandering side of herself whilst perfectly matching the rises and falls in intensity created in the accompanying audio.

Stream: Minerva Music
Artist Connect: Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter | Spotify | Instagram

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