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British born Simon Green, known professionally to the world under the moniker Bonobo, evokes with his new single a melancholic yet surprisingly playful charm, much in tandem with the imagery of his beloved animal namesake.

No stranger to the rhythm of UK Garage 2-step, groove-laden House, and slower, mid-tempo Trip-Hop ballads, ‘Linked’ is a 122bpm exhibition in all of the above. Breakbeats underpin the introduction only, before quickly dissipating into a bold, ‘four on the floor’ signature, and permeated throughout by Green’s trademark playful percussion, foley and ambience.

What sets apart ‘Linked’ in Green’s discography though is his liberal use of electronic synthesis, an area historically shown much restraint in previous Bonobo offerings. Here, these sounds are used not to simply accentuate, but to punctuate the track, going so far as to climax with an evolving layer of bold acidic synthesis. What results is a familiar auditory staple made accessible for the emerging audience of the venerated and somewhat recently commercialised European techno scene, festival bills of which the name Bonobo has been no stranger to.

Such deviations seem almost effortless at this stage in the Los Angeles-based producer’s career, evident in his varied, two-decade shy discography thus far, and of which his most recent full length offering, 2017’s ‘Migration’ expertly showcases.  In accompaniment of 2019 single ‘Ibrik’, ‘Linked’ doubles down on a statement that one can’t help but use to piece together some semblance of a potential future, album-shaped puzzle.

Stream: Ninja Tune
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