With an intricate flow informed by intimate lyricism, Allday evolves with his latest album ‘Starry Night Over The Phone’. The album work consists of nine standout tracks, a departure from his previously extensive albums. The Australian artist effortlessly navigates a space between rapper and songwriter, having the ability to create meaningful tracks often challenging the hip hop genre with his strikingly delicate voice.

‘Starry Night Over the Phone’ opens up with ‘Restless’ featuring Australian crooners The Veronicas. Guiding listeners through sweet melodies ‘Restless’ is driven by a hypnotic rhythm and the soothing chorus of The Veronicas. Allday continues to create an accessible narrative alluding to a past relationship in ‘See You When I See You’, featuring the haunting vocals of Lonelyspek. Allday makes a meaningful pop composition, also giving the track an accompanying visual. With a series of colourful sceneries, Allday and The Veronicas star in the video as they contemplate love lives and heartbreak. ‘Rhythms’ slows the album down opening with a grand piano ballad and Allday’s recognition for a separate rhythm with a significant other. The clever lyrics continue to affirms Allday’s songwriting prowess and demonstrates his progression as a musician.  

‘Lungs’ is the most compelling of the video to be released along with ‘Starry Night Over The Phone’. The video takes on a nostalgic perspective, with Allday being presented in a lo-fi film shoot. The track itself highlights Allday‘s moody production; subtle synths build an atmospheric soundscape as the rapper reflects upon themes of depression and the fear of commitment.

It’s clear Allday’s ability to write standout singles has translated into his album work, with all nine tracks creating a strong sonic and visual identity for the young rapper. With a unique sense for conveying anguish and distress, the artist continues to confront these difficult topics. These themes are nothing new for Allday, but with ‘Starry Night Over The Phone’ the Australian artist accepts his sentiments as an evolved artist, who finds vulnerability in reflecting on his past and present endeavours.

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