Newcastle dream pop duo Moonsign have aligned with Adelaide’s Lonelyspeck for this gorgeous new single ‘Everything’, which also comes with a stunning Josh Bruce directed music video that has been released in support of World Environment Day.

‘Everything’ provides a delicacy from the outset with elegance in the piano playing that echos all the way throughout, combining with the rising strings and atmospheric pads setting the foundations. Ensuring the chilled influence is maintained throughout, Moonsign‘s graceful melodies shine immensely amongst the energetic drums that lead us out of the piece.

The accompanying film clip was shot while its director Josh Bruce was travelling across North America with fellow film-maker Alexandra Morris. It showcases the beauty of the Nevada deserts, as well as California and Puerto Rico that encompasses the essence of journey that is encapsulated within the gripping audio.

You can make a donation to World Wildlife Fund right here – be kind to the world and yourselves in this time of change.

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