Los Angeles artist Molly Moore continues to build on previous releases in ‘Vibes’ and ‘Miracles’ so far this year with another darkened pop anthem through her new single ‘i love you but i don’t like you’.

Touching on her raw emotion with an ode to relationships, Molly Moore utilises a murky and blackened soundscape created through the warping synths and bass combo that intensifies the piece, alongside Moore’s resonating vocals that become etched in your brain instantly once you arrive at the chorus.

“Sadness is like a costume that you can’t take off. Being in a long term relationship & grieving is one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to navigate, especially when anger & confusing emotions are displaced onto the other person. It almost sometimes seems easier to leave & isolate yourself so you don’t have a negative impact on the people closest to you.” – Molly Moore

Stream: Home Planet Records
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