After two very cool singles – ‘Desire‘ & ‘Say It Again‘ – and a few months of teasing, this week Australian artist Jamie Lane delivers his exciting debut ep, ‘Minimal Haze’.

Alongside those two lead-singles the ep also showcases three previously unheard gems; ‘Way Down’ which delves deeper into the electro-R&B realm; ‘Move On’ which takes us on a more electronically focused journey; and  the ep’s focus track ‘Bleed’ which prevails significant charisma in the production, led by lo-fi beats transforming into a contagious groove throughout the mix, and together working cohesively with Jamie Lane’s quirky & captivating vocal sounds.

“The single ‘bleed’ illustrates feelings of loss and regret in a stream of consciousness lyrical style, things I always wanted to say but never could.’ – Jamie Lane

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