Goldroom has treated us to an abundance of new music this year, including featured releases ‘U’ (featuring Chela) and ‘Do You Feel It Now?’ (featuring Love, Alexa), and continues to follow this trend with his fifth single of 2019 in ‘You’re Incredible’ – and we’ve got your first listen of the track here!

‘You’re Incredible’ sets it sights on building an ambient and tranquil soundscape amongst a down tempo groove in the beats, that is heightened to extraordinary heights with the implementation of the echoed vocals that echo and resonate right through the mix.

“‘You’re Incredible’ was written and recorded outside in the yard of my parent’s house in Massachusetts with my friend Mereki. The sun was baking our instruments and our motivation. The result is the haziest love song I can imagine. We kept lowering and lowering the tempo until it felt like the instrumental loop melted into the ground. We knew it was right then.” Goldroom

Stream: Downtown Records
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