As we count down the days until his Asia Pacific tour kicks off, New Zealand’s BAYNK continues to build off his critically acclaimed EP ‘Someone’s EP II’ with an artistic music video for the releases focus single ‘go with u’.

The music video sees BAYNK take centre stage in a forest setting all while being locked in a see-through box. Whilst in this box, BAYNK utilises the intensity created in the Hazey Eyes co-produced audio to showcase his dancing abilities with a choreographed routine matching the rises and falls of the music alongside the female accompaniment.

With both night and day settings utilised, the standout point of the music video has to be the incredible lighting utilised in the darker periods of the piece that is significantly heightened when the fogginess plays its part and allows BAYNK the freedom to truly express himself.

Fans can catch BAYNK on tour across Asia Pacific on the below dates –  tickets can be found here.

Stream: All Points
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