Liverpool artist New Atlas comes through with a minimalistic yet bubbly offering in the form of his new single ‘Crybaby’ that tackles some of the mental gymnastics we face in our day to day lives.

Driven by New Atlas‘ quirky melodies carrying the forefront of the piece, ‘Crybaby’ creates a warped sensation throughout its duration with warped and distorted harmonies combining with the restrained synth bass and persistent beats that perfectly fits in with the distorted message implanted into the lyrics.

“‘Crybaby’ is about my mind making conspiracy theories about the closest people I have in my life. I thought my girlfriend, all my best mates and family hated me for no reason, so I pushed them all away. I was completely trapped in my own head, and I ended up self-medicating (getting pissed a lot) to just slow my mind down. Although I’m asking not to be called a Crybaby, it’s what I am for sure.” – New Atlas

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