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Billy Fox has consistently left fans in a mesmerised state over recent times with recent singles such as ‘Let’s Be Honest’ and ‘Be Like This For A While’ building upon those trademark falsetto tones, and now the Sydney artist has gifted fans with his second EP ‘Lung’ that delves that little bit deeper into Fox’s artillery.

Fox showcases various influences of R&B, electronic, soul and alternative influences across seven individually diverse tracks, including moments of contrast within his vocal approach. Whether that be the smoothness in the falsetto or the laid back charismatic feeling in his lower range, Billy Fox showcases a true comfortability and furthermore an adaptability in these various realms well beyond his years.

“The ‘LUNG’ EP is a seven-track offering, with each track focusing on themes that make up what we experience as the human condition. Themes ranging from love, break-ups, acceptance, reparation and being honest with ourselves. It’s quite existential, which was not a conscious decision. I’ve always had a deep fascination with what makes humans tick, and why we behave the ways we do. This is why I named it the ‘LUNG’ EP, as our lungs are involuntarily our most vital connection to life”. – Billy Fox

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