Fresh off the back of recent singles ‘Is It Love’ and ‘Ride’, Los Angeles-based singer/songwriter Benji Lewis continues his ascendency across 2019 with a playful and vibrant offering in his new single ‘Away’.

‘Away’ saw Benji Lewis team up with long-time collaborator Golden Vessel whilst away in the US for his debut appearance at SXSW in 2018, and amongst the chaos and madness he was able to use the song-writing process to help himself with some reflective development, in the efforts to achieve a healthy balance within his own life.

With a cohesive blend of intricate percussion and warmth in the pads transferring an upbeat and joyful nature into the soundscape, we see the solid foundations set for Benji Lewis to showcase the various shades of colour within his vocal range that truly heighten ‘Away’ into the highest of standards.

“It’s a happy, feel good, lifting song for me, and it feels like summer to me as well. It’s about finding more of a balance in life, still working hard for what you want while also having some fun and speaking up for yourself when you feel things are getting too busy. I think we can all get caught up and not give ourselves that time to be free, enjoy the outdoors, go travel somewhere new because you can and want to. And that’s what I’m saying here, do both, do it all, and do it how you want.” – Benji Lewis

Los Angeles fans can catch Benji Lewis supporting Madilyn Bailey at The Roxy Theatre TONIGHT (May 2).

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