With several collaborations alongside Maydien, sonn & Mitchell Yard, as well as her own stunning singles ‘Regrets’ and ‘NBDY’ under her belt this year, London artist Ayelle continues her march with an enthralling ballad full of raw emotion in ‘Parts’.

Through the creation of an atmospheric arena with foggy pads infused in the mix, ‘Parts’ allows for the ultimate showcase of Ayelle‘s almost whispered tone to carry the emotionally baring lyrics. Intensified further by the dominating beats and haunting harmonies, ‘Parts’ lures you in from the second it begins and lingers long in your membrane after it finishes.

‘I wrote it about the parts that we carry for one another in a relationship, even those we maybe didn’t think we signed up for. There’s a bittersweet element to that and this song is about the insecurities that come with getting to know someone whilst changing and realising that you’ll never really know every part of that person, but you still let them in’ – Ayelle

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