Melbourne producer/DJ MorningMaxwell‘s stocks have been on the rapid rise of late, whether that be through his trademark DJ sets which have hit places such as BaliBondi and Beyond The Valley or his previous hits in ‘Next To You’ and ‘Tryna Chill’, and now in 2019 he returns with a two track EP titled ‘Escape’.

‘Escape’ kicks off the dual track listing with the upbeat ‘Lost My Love’ that sees the heavenly melodies of Velvet Bloom instantly captivate through her delicate vocals sitting atop of MorningMaxwell‘s pumping production filled with tantalising synths and infectiously grooving drums.

The second track ‘Slow It Down’ (featuring Philosophia and Joey Coco) takes us down a more mysterious pathway that echoes elements of Disclosure through the restrained keys haunting away in the backdrop. The partnership of Philosophia lures you in with her charming tones that sit perfectly in the mix, leading you into the charismatic melodies of Joey Coco that command significant presence in their brief cameo.

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