‘Midas’ is the debut single from a new Australian artist who goes by the name Kada Yorke, and it also comes with a dark and eerily captivating, Donnie Darko/The Strangers inspired music video. 

This track is the result of a late-night song writing session, and you sure can feel that sense of twilight loneliness within its dark & moody atmosphere. The song opens with a chilled and calming movement that is soon met by a deep bassy groove as the mood is lifted and we’re carried away by the song’s moody yet sensual flow.

“The Midas film clip was inspired by my love for horror movies and vintage film. I always wondered what it would be like to have complete freedom on a project without judgment or limitation. I like to take risks and didn’t want to stick to convention. I found a really creepy bunny mask at a party shop and thought it would be interesting to wear it as a character in the music video. As I started playing around with it, I noticed it was a really cool concept and I could be completely free and keep my anonymity. I drew on inspiration from films like Donnie Darko, 90’s horror and old black and white photos.” – Kada Yorke 

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