Marking nearly seven years since their latest feature length album ‘Cassette’, Vancouver based duo DiRTY RADiO finally deliver their third album ‘Pleasures’ – a well rounded sixteen track offering that dives deep into the world of electronic, dance, funk and R&B with a crystal clear polish layered across the production.

Featuring previous smash hits ‘My Feelings’, ‘Pleasures’ and ‘Is It Enough’, DiRTY RADiO provide several gifts for those who jump right in and bask in the ambiance that is on offer. Recruiting the likes of Giuliano Rascan, Mogul, Jafunk, Licka Rish, El Train, and B.Bravo on the collaboration front, ‘Pleasures’ does just what the title says and rewards listeners with grooving bass lines, colourful guitar riffs, pungent percussion and impeccable vocals that’ll please nearly everyone who listens.

Stream & Buy via: 604 Records
Artist Connect: Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter | Instagram

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