Fresh from dropping feature releases ’17’ (featuring Manila Killa AOBeats), and ‘Everything About You’ earlier this year to significant acclaim, Los Angeles artist Robokid continues his assertion across 2019 with the release of his ‘RK1’ mixtape via Moving Castle.

Featuring further collaborations with the likes of Hotel Garuda Kid Froopy, ‘RK1’ sees the LA native dive deep into the world of electronic/pop with wide ranging displays of power and colour, that testify to the polished prowess on offer from Robokid

“This mixtape is special because it’s the first full-length body of work I am putting out after transitioning from DJ-ing and producing to writing and recording full songs. I wanted to develop a sound that was influenced by all my favorite music I loved while growing up mixed with today’s production styles. I feel that this mixtape is an exploration of the sonics of pop music from the late 80s and 90s, mixed with now, as well as laced with personal excerpts about the past and present.”

Fans can catch Robokid across parts of North America in June as the main support for the “Slayyyter Tour”.

Stream / Buy: Moving Castle
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