Just recently we were treated to a great new track called ‘Fire’ from Australian producer Price Park, which also came with news of his upcoming debut ep, and now this week he’s giving us another little taste of that ep with the smooth electrifying sounds of ‘Someone Else’.

Price Park (also ex-member of GodWolf), has teamed up with Melbourne singer/songwriter Jade Alice for her gorgeous vocal sounds, and as Price Park explains the song wasn’t really hitting the mark for him until he actually heard her voice on it.

“This one has been a real labour of love, and to be honest I don’t think it ever really made sense until Jade sang it for the first time.”

Like all good songs, ‘Someone Else’ has a strong and quite personal story behind it as well, and it’s a story we can relate to on some level as well.

“At its core, Someone Else is about grief, growth and change. Grief is a process that never really ends, it only changes shape. Whether it’s grief about a person, a job, a relationship or whatever – there’s always that period of lament. This song is like an emotional snapshot of that part of the process, where you’re recounting everything that transpired, and you’re obsessing and stewing and you think you’ll never move on: then all of a sudden you find this strength – you realise that part of the process isn’t serving you, so you pick yourself up and start moving forward.” – Price Park

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