A Sydney event called Bad Friday will be celebrating its 10th Anniversary at Marrickville’s leafy Fraser Park on April 19th, and they sure are dialling things up with a huge cast of artists such as K.I.M (The Presets), Nina Las VegasDMA’s, DZ Deathrays, The Jezabels, Jungle, Christopher Port, Dro Carey and The Avalanches!

We caught up with Tony DiBlasi from The Avalanches this week to ask where it all began for him… 

“I remember buying my first album pretty clearly, though it was many moons ago. I was walking through Chadstone Shopping Centre with mum and annoying the hell out of her, like I’d normally do. She got frustrated with me and gave me $20 and told me to leave her alone and go buy something.

My first instinct was to go Chaddy Bowl and waste it on countless games of Double Dragon, but then walked past Brashs and thought “I’ll buy a record instead!” Anyway, I could just take some 20 cent pieces out the cash register (we had a fruit shop in Chadstone) like I normally do to play Double Dragon later.

I walked in the store and there I saw it. My favourite band at the time Duran Duran’s record Arena. I played the absolute shit out of that record. Such great, catchy pop songs. I can still remember most of the words to the songs when I hear them now. It was a live recording over a series of shows they did and it sounded amazing. I remember when I heard the recorded versions on the radio, thinking that they sound so much better live. I just found out Nile Rodgers produced it which explains everything.” 

If you’re up for a bit of Duran Duran, just hit play down there and get all nostalgic for a little while, and then as an extra little treat you can also give ‘Wildflower’ by The Avalanches a little run through. 

While you’re doing that you can check out the full Bad Friday lineup below and then click here for more info

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