After collaborating with the likes of Stu Turner from Set Mo, Wongo, Commandeur, Bajillionaire & GANZ, Sydney artist Chase Zera steps out on her own with her brooding debut single ‘Clovers’, co-produced by Xavier Dunn.

‘Clovers’ centres itself of the ethereal vocals of Chase Zera that carry a weighted lyrical context of rediscovering independence. This is accompanied by a high levels of polished production through the lively synth bass, grooving percussion and resounding keys that when combined together creates a darkened yet lively soundscape.

“‘Clovers’ is a take on this and symbolises the moment in a relationship I decided to stop looking into signs and making excuses for someone’s behaviour and instead got the courage to see the toxic situation for what it really was and stand up for myself.” – Chase Zera

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