Depicting a tale of self realisation about ones true self, French producer Timsters lays out his first offering of 2019 in the form of the grooving ‘I’ve Been Thinking’, accompanied by an intriguing and lively colour palate that correlates perfectly with the central thesis in the piece.

Featuring both Timsters and a female accompanist, ‘I’ve Been Thinking’ takes us on a journey within oneself and comfortability, which is evident in the choreographed movement created between both parties in the piece. The pivotal moments sonically have been beautifully collated succinctly with the splashes of colour created in the lighting to heighten the pure emotion that lies within the fragility of the track, whilst maintaining the laid back nature of the soundscape. With a darkened landscape of a city at nighttime, you can clearly see that as the video progresses that both Timsters and the accompanying actress take full advantage of the large space on hand to fully express themselves. 

Everyone has a feminine and masculine side that define who they are. I’ve always managed to keep them together, not as opposite feelings but as complete, balanced energy. Through the eyes of artists that influence my personality in many ways, the young boy that I was needed to explore and understand the diversity, the complexity, and the depth of big cities and its rich cultures. That I’ve always fantasized about.” – Timsters

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