Prepare for an emotional journey full of electronic delight courtesy of Swedish producer Leonell Cassio‘s latest single ‘Lie 2 You’, enlisting Dylan Emmet on the vocal front to depict a tale of struggle and anguish within a relationship.

‘Lie 2 You’ builds from humble beginnings through the lushness in the piano, combining perfectly with the playful nature in Emmet’s vocal delivery. With a rising nature evident in the impending percussion, Leonell Cassio throws a splash of colour across the soundscape once the chorus arrives, courtesy of the swirling synths and smooth bass transporting the piece into a whole new dimension. 

The track takes full form once we reach the latter half of the piece, whereby Cassio pulls the momentum back completely to its bare bones to allow Emmet’s charismatic melodies to take centre stage in a momentary reprieve, before a buzzing ending full of vigour rounds out an impressive display of electronic music.

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