UNDR Ctrl 8th Birthday Fundraiser Single Sessions #415 Golden Vessel – everythingeverydayeverything [lp review] daine – ‘sleepwalking’ Aguava – ‘If I’ Litche – Some Songs for Someone, Somewhere (EP)
Dillon Francis has teamed up with Cuco for a ridiculously cool new tune called ‘Fix Me’, and I reckon you’re going to find it very pleasing as you settle in to its smooth electro/RnB sounds. 
“Fix Me is a different piece from what I’m used to making but I’m really excited about it. I feel like it embodies a lot of how I feel a lot and how my love life goes.” – Cuco 
“This track is a total vibe check it out and blast it on ur way to the beach or a party or sing it to ur significant other – Cuco and I had so much fun in studio making this one.” – Dillon Francis

Stream / Buy: IDGAFOS / 10 Pins
Dillon Francis: Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter | Instagram
Cuco: Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter | Instagram


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