Los Angeles singer/songwriter Benji Lewis is preparing for another big year, and he’s kicking it off this week with a gorgeous new single called, ‘Is It Love’.

Benji has teamed up with Norwegian producer Magnus Skylstad (known for his work with AURORA) to help him flesh out this one, and the result is a beautifully romantic electro-pop tune that is strong with emotion and powerful in its delivery.

“I wrote this one while I was travelling and doing some shows earlier in 2018. I ended up in a session at the Lakehouse Studios LA with Magnus Skylstad as part of a writing week set up by Ultra Music. In my mind this song was all ready to go, I just needed to get it out of my head, get it produced and finished off.” – Benji Lewis

Like all good love songs this one comes with a deep emotional tale of letting go, moving on and ultimately trying to recover.

“I was going through many different emotions after having to recently let go of someone I didn’t want to, and I had to start moving on from that. I was left with a lot of questions, the main one being and as the title suggests, Is it love?

What if this is love?

To me, it is such a powerfully strong song that really hits home for me because it was so raw and real when I wrote it. When we had finished recording the song, I was totally exhausted, but it felt so good having expressed everything. I left feeling a little lighter and clearer on what I want and need when it comes to love and life in general and also from this person if I were to stay.” – Benji Lewis 

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