SLUMBERJACK are all set to release their new ep next week, it is called ‘SARAWAK’ and they will also be taking it on the road across Australia in March, so we thought this would be a good time to check in with one of the boys, Fletcher Ehlers, and ask him how his love for music began…


“My first ever CD was definitely a So Fresh compilation but I feel like that doesn’t really count… The first album I got was Guetta Blaster by David Guetta. It was 2004 and I’m pretty sure he wasn’t really a name in Australia back then – my Mum had been in France and bought it back for me and I distinctly remember it being pitched as “this cool new French artist who nobody has heard of yet”. I felt like I’d been given access to these secret hot new tracks from overseas and that gave me this yearning to find more secret gems; “crate digging” as DJ’s call it.

My favourite track from the record would have to be Open Your Eyes. Big fat synth lines and a relentless 4×4 beat, pretty forward thinking stuff for 2004 if I’m remembering correctly!

I didn’t have an iPod back then so the only way for me to blast this was over the family speaker system in the kitchen – luckily my parents were into electronic music.” – Fletcher Ehlers 

Let’s jump right into the big, fat, synthy anthem that is ‘Open Your Eyes’, which features Joachim Garraud and Stereo MC’s, and then check out the little intro video that the SLUMBERJACK boys put together for ‘SARAWAK’. 

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