While BROODS fans wait ever so patiently for their new album ‘Don’t Feed The Pop Monster’ to drop on February 1st, we got the opportunity to touch-base with one-half of BROODS, Caleb Nott, to ask where it all began for him.

North American fans can also catch BROODS doing their thang live throughout March/April as they take the new album on the road – check the dates below and then click here for ticketing info 

“I think my first album that I owned was given to me on cassette for Christmas in 1999. “Ricky Martin” by Ricky Martin haha. But to be honest this album didn’t really affect me neither did it stick with me in the long run and the only song I remember is ‘Living La Vida Loca’. But the first CD I bought with my own money was much more special to me.

It started when I met my half-brother Matt for the first time; I think I was 11 or 12. We were just getting to know each other for the first time and when we would drive in his car he would show me music I’d never heard of before. Up until then I had only really heard the songs on the radio or artists that my parents would play in the house. Getting to know a brother you never knew you had can be weird and awkward, so we bonded listening to music and talking about it.
We would drive around listening to a lot of Pearl Jam because he was a huge Pearl Jam fan. But one drive he put on this CD by Bob Marley and I had never even heard reggae before. Bob flipped my world upside down! I’d never heard a man sing with so much conviction and feeling, also I remember it just making my heart feel warm.
After that day I saved up my dollars and went and bought my own copy of probably many of Bob’s different “greatest hits” compilations. I think that year I strictly listened to reggae! And started to listen to all the reggae bands in NZ like Katchafire. I’m no longer obsessed with reggae but I will forever be Obsessed with Bob, and still listen to him all the time.” – Caleb Nott
Let us all rejoice in the glorious sounds of Bob Marley’s 1973 classic ‘I Shot The Sheriff’ before skipping back to November 2018 with the sounds of ‘Everything Goes (Wow)’ taken form BROODS’ upcoming album.

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