Sonnee & Benji Lewis – ‘Feel This (How Long Will I)’ Young Franco & Franc Moody – ‘Daydreaming’ LEISURE – Leisurevision (LP) 44 Ardent – ‘evergreen’ HUMP DAY MIX with Arky Waters Roosevelt – Embrace (EP)

Fresh from finishing a 20 date headline tour across North America, LA based producer shallou brings forth a delicate and ambient offering in ‘Count On’ alongside colin on vocals that cohesively enthral you on all fronts.

‘Count On’ from the word go builds itself upon a lightness in its approach, mainly utilising the richness in the piano as the foundations for the raspiness of colin to pull you in with awe. Shallou manipulates the mix beautifully to crescendo with subtlety through the partnership between the electronic percussion and bass which climaxes into a lively chorus full of chopped up vocal samples that heighten the alluring nature within the piece. Accompanied by a black and white music video which showcases several stunning scenic landscapes, this encapsulates perfectly the instability that lies in the core of ‘Count On’.

Stream/Buy: All Points / Sleeptalker
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