Last week Golden Vessel delivered a very awesome new single called ‘MOONSTONE’ which featured two of his good mates Elkkle and Akurei, and this week he has an amazing Harry Deadman ( directed video to share with us which stars Golden Vessel himself as an astronaut going about his daily business collecting Moon Rocks, until a rascally Mallrat comes along and steals them away!

Why “Moon Rocks” you ask….

“I remember I wrote the word ‘Moonstone’ my phone notes one day then later that night I googled it and started reading about all the missing and stolen moon rocks that got brought back from the first Apollo missions. A couple of nights later Elkkle, Akurei and I were hanging out and we started making a beat. Akurei recorded some guitar and Elkkle chopped it up and then we built around that. I started telling them about the stolen moonstones and then morphed it into a metaphor for a conversation we were having earlier about missed opportunities and when we or friends miss out on something that should’ve been in reach (and the frustration around that). The stolen moonstones became the missed opportunities and we all started writing. We tried to sneak a few references from the different stories around stolen moon rocks into the song such as mentioning Joseph Gutheinz who was a NASA special agent tasked with recovering the missing rocks.” – Golden Vessel

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