After featuring on one of this years smoothest slow jams with Alunageorge‘s ‘Superior Emotion’, New York artist Cautious Clay lays out a sonically delightful track in ‘Reasons’, produced by Hudson Mohawke and Clay.

With a concise 2 minute 15 second duration, Cautious Clay leaves no time to waste with an emphatic soundscape from the word go. Incepting the piece with distorted elements piercing through the mix, ‘REASONS’ utilises this instability as a platform to launch off, further intensifying through the bright combination of the large synths and smooth vocal stylings of Cautious Clay. Lyrically, Clay provides a playfulness in how he approaches both the melodies and delivery to deliver the message within that leads to the captivating latter half of the piece full of enthralling harmonies that’ll leave you gobsmacked.

Stream / Buy via: Cautious Clay
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