Croatian producer Ninski teams up once again with Canadian singer Wylen to provide an intriguing blend of calming and chilled music in the form of ‘Old Times’, one year on from their first collaboration ‘Heart Melt’.

‘Old Times’ is dripping in charisma from the word go with the magnetising melodies of Wylen in the forefront of the mix, layering perfectly with the off kilter percussion and obscurity in the background elements. The swagger is most prevalent during the lyrics ‘We can stay up all night / underneath the moonlight’, where the character in the vocals is undeniably covered in a sultry texture matching the intensified swoops from the synths stabbing in and out. Ninski changes things up in the final moments of ‘Old Times’ with a more electronic focus in the synths combining with the groove in the percussion for a real shake up within the feel of the piece.

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