Prepare to have you minds blown courtesy of DiRTY RADiO and Guiliano Rascan‘s incredible new banger ‘Is It Enough’, filled up with infatuating funk and electronic influence that is almost impossible not to get you on your feet and grooving.

Drawing echoes of Peking Duk, ‘Is It Enough’ smacks you across the face instantly with its funk inspired guitar riffs that captivate your senses with its positivity, complimenting the charismatic and charming vocals of Giuliano Rascan to accentuate the attitude within the piece. Once we arrive at the chorus brace yourselves for an emphatic period of music centred around the smoothness in the bass, swirling synths and upbeat percussion that act as the electrified foundations for the harmonised vocals of Rascan to drive the piece home.

Stream & Buy via: 604 Records
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