LA producer Taylor Durden serves up quite the detailed debut track in ‘Freedom (I Wish I Knew)’, a near 10 minute offering centred around concise percussion and swirling synths that results in a deep house odyssey that you simply can’t get enough of.

Durden incepts the track with some restrained keys inserting the repeated melody into our membranes instantly, as well as the echoed synths and lightness in the percussion that creates an alluring sensation that ultimately through the rises leads to the deep house influence. Once the sampled vocal of ‘Freedom’ enters the mix, this heightens the already packed soundscape and compliments the driving nature of the percussion to truly take flight. Durden provides a visual landscape for ‘Freedom (I Wish I Knew)’ in the form of an upfront music video with flashbacks to past years filled with political and economical issues that are utilised to truly transcend the rebellious nature that lies within the core of the track.

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