Los Angeles’ SNBRN enlists the expertise of Chicago outfit Autograf to deliver a deep house influenced collaboration in the form of ‘Move All Night’, featuring Kole on vocal duties to produce an electrified groover centred around uplifting percussion that is sure to get you up and about.

‘Move All Night’ builds from subtle beginnings comprised of the lush keys and lightness in the percussion that provide the foundations for Kole to provide an effortless display in the vocals to lure you in. A brooding sensation emerges from the background of the piece courtesy of the sweeping pads and lively harmonies strengthening the mix, yet instantly pulling back the intensity as it hits it climax for a strategical delight that lifts once again before you can even comprehend the mastery of manipulation on display. Once we arrive at the chorus, get ready to be taken away by the contagious groove in the driving percussion that acts as a perfect dance bracket for all to participate within.

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