Local duo SLUMBERJACK have teamed up with Australian artist Machine Age on an emotionally-rich, raw new track, ‘Daggers’.

The single is from the upcoming SARAWAK EP from SLUMBERJACK, which was produced when the duo sought a respite from the relentless touring cycle they had found themselves in and retreated to the Morgan’s homeland of Borneo. Soaring synths and raw, captivating vocals characterise this track, making it a big, life-filled track that can’t be ignored.

“It’s been a long time since we released fully original SLUMBERJACK music and the reason is that we’ve honestly been feeling pretty lacklustre in the inspiration department. There’s been a lot of touring in the last year, all over the globe, and it’s been unbelievably incredible, but it’s left us feeling digitally isolated and has strangled creativity. This cycle desperately needed to be broken, so we decided to travel… again. But this was different – we went somewhere that was very familiar to Morgan and extremely foreign to me. Somewhere we could spend time living fully in the present, experiencing the natural beauty of the rainforest and sampling the unique sounds of the jungles, caves and traditional instruments we came across.” — SLUMBERJACK

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