Planningtorock has a brand new album coming our way in November called ‘Powerhouse’, and this week she is giving us just a tiny taste of what we can expect with the smooth, gooey sounds of ‘Much to Touch’.

The new track also comes with this weird & wonderful music video that was filmed, directed & edited by Planningtorock, and stars her good friend Maija Karhunen.

“Much To Touch’ is about owning one’s muchness, especially when faced with being told ‘you’re too much’. Maija Karhunen and I have been working together since September 2017 on a performance duet in addition to other performative pieces which will feature in my new Planningtorock live show ‘Powerhouse’ which premieres on 16th and 17th January 2019 at Berghain, Berlin. Through our work together, Maija and I have built a strong creative relationship and I wanted to delve deeper with this notion of ‘muchness’ and our own individual experiences and the methods we have developed to navigate it. In the ‘Much To Touch’ video Maija explores ‘muchness’ through her choreography owning it all through her every move.” – Planningtorock

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