Fresh from touring Australia as part of the Listen Out Festival, as well as a featured performance on triple J’s Like A Version, young French producer Petit Biscuit has brought forth two new tracks in ‘Suffer’ & ‘State’ showcasing some serious levels of depth in the form of light and darkened dance production.

First cab of the rank is the light and bright ‘Suffer’ that begins with the rising sirens intensifying in the background with the restrained percussion carrying significant groove that sets out the podium for the delightful vocals of Skott to enlighten us with the playful delivery of her melodies, leading to a bright chorus full of energetic and colourful synths and buzzing bass which are sure to leave you thrilled. On the contrary, ‘Safe’ begins with a mysteriousness with an altered vocal and a lightness in the keys, which subtly build bit by bit with the resounding synths escalating before the mood changes swiftly with a breakdown full of vigour and force that acts as a showpiece for the growing mastery in the young producer’s skill set.

Fans can also catch Petit Biscuit on the below dates!

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