London producer Pastel teams up with the charismatic Dutch vocalist Maydien to bring forth a sun-drenched, glistening fusion of hip hop and funk in the grooving ‘G.T.F.O.H.’, the latest in a string of releases that has seen the UK native rise across 2018.

Beginning with a dreamy soundscape, Pastel achieves this sentiment through the utilisation of sampled water sounds combining with the lightness in the electronic guitar that act as a trigger for the implementation of Maydien’s magnetic melodies to subtly enter the arena before the funk explosion hits. Once we arrive, we become entranced within the undeniable groove created in the electrified bass, splashes of colour in the electric guitar and the crisp percussion that creates the ultimate foundation for the harmonised vocals of Maydien to further heighten this impressive summer inspired delight.

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