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Australian crew Parcels have been living it up in Berlin for a little while now, but they have also been quite busy working on their self-titled debut album which will be hitting the stores this Friday, and we thought it would be a good time to touch-base and ask them the big Q.

These are the words of Parcels’ bass-player Noah Hill, and he sure did have some pretty good taste in music even when he was a youngster!

“The first album that I bought, or was bought for me, was Elephunk- The Back Eyed Pea’s. We grew up at the start of the digital era, but we still got to have the pleasure of purchasing physical copies, which were pretty much fazed out by the time we were thirteen or fourteen. And this record fell just into that time period, between 9-12 where we all got our first records.

I remember being in the CD shop with my parents. They had listening booths, and I was so enthralled when I put in Elephunk (the explicit version ), put on the headphones and got to listen to all the swearing without my mum knowing. I  was able to convince her to let me get the explicit version, and walked away with every boys dream at the time, the explicit Black Eyed Pea’s record.

It’s a pretty progressive album, not many rap groups included a female singer and combined the live strings, latin groups and big electro soundscapes. It’s also amazingly positive. As happy as I was that I got the explicit version, all the songs have a pretty positive message, compared to many of the rap albums of that time cough Eminem.

We still listen to this record now in the van together, it really captures that time for us, gets us super nostalgic. Our favourite song is for sure The Apl Song. “How would you feel if you had to catch a meal, build a hut to live in, to eat and chill in” I mean come on, what a line, what a delivery.” – Noah of Parcels

Let’s take a little trip back to 2003 and relive some childhood memories with ‘Elephunk’ by Black Eyed Peas, and just below that is Parcels’ recent video for one of the album tracks ‘Lightenup’, and below that is a list of North American/Australian/European shows that they will be kicking off next week – click here for ticketing info

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