After teasing throughout 2018 of a debut release with singles ‘White Horse’ and ‘Reprisal’, Los Angeles singer Madi ends all speculation and waiting with the release of ‘Reprisal’ – a 5 track offering that dives deep into the worlds of dark and ominous R&B that shines a light on weighty emotional context, achieving outstanding results throughout.

Featuring a resounding sound palate full of dampened synths, eclectic percussion and enthralling vocals, Madi has showcased an incredible ability to utilise a depth defying soundscape without overbearing the mix to depict tales of honesty and empathy that rounds out to be a gripping collection of R&B.

“While “Reprisal” [EP] is a comeback album after a year of music hiatus, it is first and foremost a tribute to my childhood. I was taken advantage of both medically and in the setting of the church– both are supposed to be the most “sacred”, “safest”, and “holiest” of places. A lot of songs out there in the world are love songs, therefore I wanted to push myself to write explicitly and graphically. These songs are hate songs to these childhood moments, and because of them, I face inexperience, anxiety, yet boldness and bravery in the real world now with love and adulthood.” – Madi

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