UK vocalist and producer Lil Silva (aka TJ Carter), mainly known in the past for working alongside the likes of Adele and Mark Ronson continues to take his mastery to greater heights with the ultra-smooth release of ‘Always Wonder’. Enlisting the charismatic vocals of fast riser Cautious Clay, ‘Always Wonder’ acts as the pinnacle display of crisp falsetto and effortless vocal deliveries in this R&B setting.

Beginning with the delicate falsetto of Carter, ‘Always Wonder’ relaxes the mind instantly with a minimalistic approach in the instrumentation centred around the light guitar riffs and R&B influenced percussion that carries an ambiance right through until the modernised chorus full of vivacious bass and echoed elements to accentuate this sentiment further. The only thing that could possibly elevate this airy texture is the implementation of Cautious Clay’s soothing melodies that maintain the consistent soulful flow throughout the duration of the piece.

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