I’ve been eagerly waiting for this new Geotic album to arrive and last Friday that wait came to a delightful end. It’s called ‘Traversa’ and it is every bit as sweet, bright and exciting as I was expecting and hoping it to be. As we work our way through this wonderful eight-track collection, each song takes us on a whole new journey of euphoric, daydreaming sounds.

“The whole inspiration of this record is borne of that feeling when travel is good and you can let your brain go where it wants to. From the very beginning, music was more transportive for me than anything else. In all forms of media, I’m constantly gravitating towards things that allow me to feel something different from my day-to-day life.” – Will Wiesenfeld

‘Traversa’ follows on very closely behind 2017’s ‘Abysma’, as well as another album called ‘Romaplasm’ which he also released in 2017 via his other alias Baths, needless to say he has had quite a bit going on over the last 12 months and I really hope he he’s not slowing down any time soon!

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