Following on from the acclaimed 2017 album ‘Broke Royalty’, Detroit based Flint Eastwood brings forth an honest and raw collection of cross-genre music in ‘THIS IS NOT A COPING MECHANISM’.

Written on a 48 hour writing binge, ‘THIS IS A COPING MECHANISM’ chronologically depicts tales of loss, regret and anguish through a contrasting soundscape full of electronic, pop and indie influences that showcases a depth in production from previous releases.

“I found a single stage light floating around Assemble Sound, turned it on, switched it to red, & spent the next 48 hours in the studio on a writing binge, purging all of my emotions into 6 songs all written in consecutive order. I wanted to release these 6 songs to you so they don’t have ownership over my mind anymore. We all create costumes to cope with different hardships in life. I’m ready to throw mine away. I hope these songs can help you on your journey, whatever that may be.” – Flint Eastwood.

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