Austrian producer filous has a bright new treat for us this week called ‘Bicycle’ which features the super pretty voice of a rising English songstress who goes by the name klei, and it’s also been co-produced by Australia’s shiniest new star, Golden Vessel.

“Bicycle is what I would call a hippy-hop song, combining strummy acoustic guitars and mellotron vibes with old school hip hop elements. This is definitely a song that couldn’t have happened in any other time. One Austrian, one English and one Australian kid meeting in LA and jamming an idea for a few hours that ended up becoming this song!”

“Bicycle is also a song that really bridges old and new, from instrumentation to vocal recording, mixing and mastering. We mostly used vintage equipment and instruments and combined them with modern production and processing techniques! I really love how warm and nostalgic but still pumping this makes the song!” – filous

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